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The Centre for International Experience is currently open. Please note that in-person meetings are by appointment only, via CLNx. All programs and appointments are continuing remotely.

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Programs & Events

The Centre for International Experience (CIE) at the University of Toronto offers a wide range of programs and events to help support International students with their transition into university, develop and grow their interpersonal skills, connect with others and explore new horizons. Our programs and events target primarily international students, however we have some events which welcome all students both domestic and international. Whether you wish to learn a language, make new friends, or participate in intercultural discussions, come and join us!


Discover the University of Toronto and the international student community! – Meet new friends, and be apart of a community! This is the opportunity for you to explore the campus, learn about the resources that are available to you at the CIE, and both on and off campus as you navigate through university and adapt to new environments.

students walking on campus
students on campus


Enrich your university experience and make the most out of it! As you foster meaningful and deeper connections through getting involved and participating with opportunities across the campus – this is the perfect opportunity for you to develop your cultural awareness, personal growth, widen your social circle and meet others outside of your program.


Prepare for a world of opportunities to grow and discover what lies beyond the classroom and outside of the campus. Develop a sense of self as you learn to articulate your skills and experiences from UofT and start the next exciting chapter of your journey!

research students
grad students doing research

Graduate students

The Centre for International Experience also supports graduate international students with specific events and programs.