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Your Enrollment

Registered international students (including exchange students) are automatically enrolled in UHIP for a 12-month period, starting September 1st and expiring August 31st (adjusted for exchange students). Coverage will be renewed automatically at the beginning of every academic year for returning international students. 

Your UHIP coverage is tied to your registration status at U of T. You must remain actively registered to remain eligible for coverage under UHIP. If you de-register during the term, your coverage into UHIP through Cowan may be terminated.

*If your registration status changes from registered to de-registered more than 45 days from the beginning of academic term, you will not be issued a refund for the cost of UHIP coverage for that term.

Take a look at our UHIP 101 PDF which includes all the basic information you need to know to have a successful enrollment with UHIP.

Registration: You must officially register by either paying the minimum fees to register or deferring by the deferral deadline in order to become enrolled into UHIP. It can take 10 business days from becoming registered to have your UHIP coverage activated.

Check your UTmail+: You must update your UTmail+ on ACORN to receive a welcome email from Cowan, which contains your UHIP certificate number.

Accessing Your Card: Click on the following access link from Cowan: “Click here to get your coverage card”. You will need to enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Certificate Number (included in your welcome package) or University ID to access your card. Your University ID is “U” + your student number.

Printing Your Card: Remember to print your UHIP card before visiting a clinic or hospital.

A Cowan UHIP insurance card that contains the students' insurance information on the left side, and general information about UHIP and the contact information for Cowan on the right side.

Types of Enrollment

New international students at the University of Toronto are eligible for, and automatically enrolled into bridge coverage from August 10th to August 31st at no additional fee. Bridge coverage does not cover the cost of elective procedures. Bridge coverage cannot be utilized, before August 10th, or before students arrive in Ontario.

You will be enrolled in UHIP automatically at the beginning of the academic term in which you begin your studies. You need to follow the steps below once you arrive in Ontario:

Canadian citizens and permanent residents coming to Canada after living abroad are required to apply for OHIP upon arriving in Ontario. You must apply in person at a specialized Service Ontario Centre that offers a full-suite of health card services.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, there is no OHIP waiting period for OHIP coverage. If you are eligible, you may have immediate health coverage. If you are self-isolating and cannot go to Service Ontario to apply for OHIP or if you need to seek medical treatment, please contact Service Ontario at 1-866-532-3161.

Students in the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) English Language Program have access to the services for the duration of their course (4 weeks to 12 weeks) while their health insurance coverage is valid. Visit the SCS Health insurance and services page for more information.

If you are not a student and do not have a student number (i.e. new employee, visiting staff), please contact your local Human Resources (HR) Office for UHIP enrollment. A complete list of HR contacts can be found at

If you are a post-doctoral Fellow, UHIP is administered by the Postdoctoral Office at SGS. Please contact the SGS Office.


Take a look at this informational video that explains some important things you need to know about dependents for UHIP. This video goes over deadline, eligibility, cost, how to enroll your dependents and renewing dependents’ coverage. Clicking on the image below will redirect you to the video.

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Dependents are not automatically enrolled in UHIP, and you are required to enroll your eligible dependent family member(s) within 30 days of their arrival in Canada. 

You must be enrolled in UHIP in order to enroll your eligible dependents. 

To register your dependent(s), complete the Dependents Application by following the below instructions: 

  • Log in to the UHIP portal using your UTORid and password. 
  • Go to “Your Dependents” and click “Add a New Dependent”. You must input and save your dependent’s information before creating an application. 
  • Go to “Your UHIP Applications”. 
  • To create a new application, click the “New UHIP Application” button. 
  • Select the name(s) of the dependent(s) you would like to enroll during your appointment. 
  • Click “Submit”. 

Their application must be renewed each academic year, at least 30 days before the expiry of the dependent’s current policy. Renewal requests are due by August 1 each year.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to our Step by Step Guide to Adding your Dependents to UHIP.

Coverage begins the date they arrive in Canada, but no earlier than the 10th day of the month before your study begins. 

Your dependent’s coverage ends whenever one of the following happens: 

  1. Your coverage ends. This happens on the last day of the month for which you purchased coverage. 
  2. Your dependent stops meeting the definition of an eligible dependent. Coverage ends on the last day of the month in which this happens. 
  3. Your dependent acquires OHIP coverage. Coverage ends on the date this becomes effective. 
  4. Your dependent is denied OHIP coverage. Coverage ends 24 months after the date they receives notification of this refusal. 
  5. Your status changes to that of visitor under a permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Coverage ends on that date. 
  6. You or your dependent misuse your coverage card. Coverage ends on the date Cowan obtains evidence of this. 
  7. You or your dependent fail to report medical test results or submit false medical test reports to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in order to obtain medical clearance. Coverage ends on the date Cowan obtains evidence of this 

Your dependent(s) become eligible for insurance at the same time that you do. However, you must apply for the member coverage for your dependent(s) for them to be eligible. If your family member(s) become your dependent(s) after you become insured, they are eligible on the date that they become your dependent(s).  

Some important information to keep in mind.  

  • Your dependent(s) are eligible for insurance while they wait for OHIP approval  
  • UHIP coverage for dependents of former members is restricted to dependents of members in the last five years 
  • A dependent may be insured either as a member or a dependent, but not as both  

To be eligible for coverage under UHIP, a dependent must meet the criteria of one of the following categories:  


Eligible dependents include: The legal or common-law spouse who is living with the eligible student, where the common-law relationship has existed for at least 12 months. Please note that only one spouse will be eligible for insurance under this policy, and will be as indicated by the member on their application for insurance under this policy, where this information is not contained on the member’s application, the person who qualifies last under this policy’s definition of spouse will be the eligible spouse.   


Your child is eligible as a UHIP dependent if they are your biological or adopted child, stepchild, or child for whom you have been appointed legal guardian. The child’s primary place of residence must also be with you and they must be:  

  • Unmarried 
  • Not eligible for insurance as a member under this or any other group policy; and 
  • Is either under 22 years of age, or, if a full-time student at an accredited school, college, or university, under 25 years of age.  

A newborn child in Ontario is eligible for OHIP from birth  

Important notes for children with disabilities:  

If your child has a mental or physical disability, and if they reach the age when they would otherwise cease to be an eligible dependent, they will continue to be eligible as a dependent.  A child with a disability not previously insured under UHIP, who is older than the age requirements listed above, will continue to be eligible as a dependent if their disability predates the limiting age above.  Cowan may require written proof of the dependent’s condition as often as may reasonably be necessary. 

Dependents are now enrolled under the primary student members policy, and will not be given their own UHIP card. Please note it may take up to 10 business days after payment is made to receive notification from Cowan that your new UHIP card, with your dependent listed on it, is ready to download. 

Please note it may take up to 10 business days after payment is made to receive notification from Cowan that your new UHIP card, with your dependent listed on it, is ready to download. 

Your dependent is eligible for a UHIP exemption if they get OHIP or if they leave Canada. You may apply for a refund for your dependent for any unused months by filling out the Dependent UHIP Refund Application and emailing it to us at for processing.

Late enrollment

A late penalty fee of $500 will apply if you enroll your dependents 30 days after their arrival in Canada. There’s no discount for the time they had no coverage if you were late enrolling them. 

Dependent enrollment fees

The fees you pay are also dependent on the start date of your UHIP coverage. Please refer to the UHIP Premium information below: 

  • Member $756 
  • Member + 1 dependent $1512 
  • Member + 2 or more dependents $2268 
  • Member $504  
  • Member + 1 dependent $1008 
  • Member + 2 or more dependents $1512 
  • Member $252 
  • Member + 1 dependent $504 
  • Member + 2 or more dependents $756 

Frequently asked questions

Returning Canadians or Dual Canadian Citizens are eligible to be covered for 3 months of UHIP coverage. All returning Canadian students should apply for OHIP coverage upon arrival in Canada. Currently, the three-month waiting period is being waived. We recommend you go to a service Ontario ASAP to enquire about your eligibility into OHIP. If you are not granted OHIP right away, our office can enroll you into UHIP for three months at a cost of 63 CAD per month.

Before enrolling you into UHIP, we want to ensure that you have tried to apply for OHIP as OHIP coverage is free of charge for returning Canadian citizens. Please note that we will not be able to extend your UHIP for additional months until you provide us with proof that you have applied for OHIP ( i.e. confirmation letter from Service Ontario), so make sure you apply!

It takes approximately 10 business days after becoming officially registered at the university to receive your UHIP welcome package from Cowan. Please wait two full weeks from the date you became registered to receive your Welcome Package, which includes your certificate number and the link to the Cowan portal. You can obtain your UHIP ecard by inputting the correct personal information on the Cowan portal. If you have to visit a doctor/clinic before your coverage card comes in, you may have to pay out-of-pocket, so you will need to hold onto your receipts to submit a claim later once your account has been created.

Important Note: You must update their UTmail+ on ACORN in order to receive communication from Cowan on creating their account and printing their card. 

Here’s how to create an account for Cowan’s Online Access Portal:

  1. In the welcome email you received from Cowan select “click here to set up your online access” and input the requested information. You can also create an account by visiting and selecting “I’m a New User”.
  2. On the New User Registration Page, be sure to enter your Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth and Certificate Number as displayed in the email you received from Cowan.
    NOTE: Be sure to use your University of Toronto email address to create an account (not your personal email address). Your UTmail+ will be your Username going forward.  
  3. Finally, click on “Next Step”. Cowan will send you an email with a link to complete the account creation process which will include a temporary password to access your account. Once you get the email, click on the link to finish creating your account.
    NOTE: The link will expire in 24 hours. If you are unable to complete the account creation process during the 24-hour timeframe, please complete the above steps 1-2 again and another email will be sent to you. Make sure to update your temporary password after you log into the portal for the first time. 

Please make sure to input your name exactly as it is shown on your ACORN account, and the date of birth with the correct format. Cowan now allows students to access their card with either their certificate number or University ID number. For the University ID number, you’ll need to input “U” followed by your 10-digit student number at U of T, or “UT” followed by your 9-digit student number.