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Healthcare At U of T

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UHIP is the mandatory health care coverage for registered international and exchange students while they study in Canada. Your UHIP coverage is insured by Manulife and administered by Cowan Insurance Limited (“Cowan”).

Supplemental Health Plan

Supplementary insurance plans are distinct from UHIP and are managed by one of the University’s student unions. There is no overlap of coverage between UHIP and the supplementary health insurance. 

Exchange students are not eligible for the Supplemental Health Plan.
You are encouraged to purchase your own private supplementary health coverage plan.

Coverage Comparison

Download the Understanding Student Health Care PDF

Visit a Clinic

The Preferred Provider Network

The Preferred Provider Network is a searching tool that helps you locate a clinic or healthcare provider near you that will accept UHIP and has direct billing (to Cowan, the insurance provider, towards medical consultation fees).

The University of Toronto provides a range of services for your physical and mental health on campus, including immunization, sexual and reproductive health consultations, mental health support, nutrition, as well as pharmacy services.

Make sure you visit their services online:


Book appointments and visit virtual waiting rooms for health facilities near you.  

Screenshot of the landing page of “IAMSICK.CA”. The background is an image of a hand holding a smartphone showing the map of this service and a red “locate me” button. The background image has somewhat low opacity and in front of the image, written in white font, is the title text “healthcare, when and where you need it.” Under this title, is a description saying “from family doctors accepting new patients, walk-in clinics, wellness clinics, pharmacies to hostpitals, find your nearest healthcare options anytime, any day”. Below this, is a search function and drop down menus. Next to the text “I’m looking for” the user can choose from the drop down menu, and next to the text “near” there is another drop down menu. On the right hand side there is a red “Find” button.


Access safe, high-quality care and avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency room. This service is an easy way to get connected to care for your needs. It has a free, confidential phone service you can call to get health advice or information from a Registered Nurse. The nurse will direct you to the most appropriate level of care or may connect you with a health professional who can provide further advice. You can call 1-866-797-0000. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


If you have any questions regarding health care in Ontario, you may call ServiceOntario at 1-866-532-3161 or 416-327-4282, Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. You can find more information on their website

Make sure you print and carry your UHIP card and UHIP Claim Form, as they will be required by your healthcare provider.

  • If you visited a health care provider in the Preferred Provider Network, they will bill directly to Cowan, the insurance provider.
  • If you visited a health care provider outside of the Preferred Provider Network, you need to:
    • Keep all receipts and ask the healthcare provider to fill out the UHIP Claim Form for you.
    • Pay for the services upfront and submit a claim for reimbursement.
      • View the instruction on how to submit a UHIP claim.

For a range of mental health supports, download the U of T Telus Health Student Support (THSS) app: Apple App Store or Google Play. U of T THSS is for all students for immediate and/or ongoing confidential 24/7 counselling support. The service is available in 146 languages and is entirely free. Learn more about this service here.

Call or chat whenever, wherever you are: 

Call 1-844-451-9700 (or 001.416.380.6578 if outside Canada or the USA – call charges apply).

Travel Health Care

UHIP will only cover emergencies outside of Ontario. If you are traveling outside of Ontario you may want to look into buying travel insurance. Connect with your student union to inquire about the travel insurance included in your supplementary insurance plan.

UHIP has minimal coverage for out of country emergency medical treatment at the same level and considtions as OHIP.

  • We strongly recommend that you purchase out of country travel insurance to avoid additional expenses. Check with your student union to inquire about out of country travel insurance and whether it is included in your supplementary insurance plan.

For more information about the UHIP coverage while travelling, please consult the UHIP website.